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Project InnerSpace, a Multi-Phase Initiative Supported by the Schmidt Futures Foundation, Launches to Accelerate Global Geothermal Prospecting and Development


Insight Out | Horizons:
Watch the conversation with geothermal advocate, environmentalist, and technologist Jamie Beard

Westwood Global Energy Group: Energy Transition Now Podcast – Episode 12 with Jamie Beard


Geothermal Energy is Taking Off - Here's Why:

Geothermal energy is poised to play an increasingly large role as a source of always-available, renewable power.


Latin American and Caribbean countries use volcanic landscapes to tap geothermal energy:

“There's a renaissance happening right now for geothermal..."

Jamie Beard


The Texas Geothermal Institute, a Consortium of Industry and Institutional Partners, Launches to Roadmap Geothermal Capabilities and Technology Gaps in the Lone Star State.


Can geothermal energy replace oil and gas? James Pethokoukis gets a long-read Q&A with Jamie Beard.

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The Untapped Energy Source That Could Power the Planet


Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout:


"Extracting geothermal... is largely an incremental engineering problem that, when solved, solves energy..."   Jamie Beard


Geothermal: Digging Beneath the Surface

Extending & transferring existing E&P technologies could make geothermal possible—and scalable—anywhere in the world.

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