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We are on a mission
To enable geothermal anywhere in the world. Fast.


Project InnerSpace is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on expanding the use of geothermal energy globally. InnerSpace aims to make the production of clean, always on geothermal energy possible anywhere in the world by 2030. We combine the voices of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and disruptors with the breakthrough expertise of geologists, drilling experts, and well engineers to build a future where geothermal will enable the world to meet its climate and energy goals. 

About Geothermal

What is geothermal energy? 

Geothermal energy is produced using heat that occurs naturally beneath the surface of the Earth. This “heat beneath our feet” can be used to provide heating (and cooling!) for homes and other buildings, or to run a power plant to generate electricity.

What are the benefits of using geothermal energy?


  • It’s always on, 24/7, limitless, and available everywhere in the world

  • It comes from naturally occurring heat in the subsurface, so it is a clean, renewable resource.

  • It has a very small surface footprint, much lower than other sources of energy, including other renewables like solar and wind.


The technology already exists to make geothermal energy vastly more accessible around the globe than it is today. Advanced drilling and mining techniques are routinely used to extract fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas from the earth, which is then burned to create the heat that generates electricity.


The current process of using subsurface energy is: 

Extract coal, oil and gas from the earth > Burn it > Generate electricity > Repeat 


If we use the natural heat from the Earth to produce electricity instead, we cut out the “middle-man” – which is the CO2 intensive burning of fossil fuels, while using the skills and workforce that already exists in the oil and gas industry to explore for, drill for, and produce earth's natural heat.


The future of subsurface energy: 

Produce Earth’s natural heat > Heat buildings or generate electricity > Repeat



How do we make this shift happen fast?
Project InnerSpace.


As InnerSpace’s founder Jamie Beard put it in her Ted Talk, “If you want to turn the ship, recruit the sailors.” Project InnerSpace brings together innovative startups with experts in subsurface exploration and engineering from the oil and gas industry, serving as driver and convener of two global geothermal innovation and deployment sprints that will tackle geothermal resource prospecting and development within an accelerated timeframe. The goal of the InnerSpace sprints is to catalyze geothermal development into terawatts of output globally, at a cost competitive with solar and wind. 


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