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We achieve impact at Project InnerSpace by disrupting the popular paradigm in envisioning the future of geothermal.

We draw outside of the lines, challenging old ways of thinking and tired perspectives about what is possible and how fast we can go.

We combine the voices of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and disruptors with breakthrough expertise of geologists, drilling experts, and well engineers in an interdisciplinary approach to build a future where geothermal will enable the world to meet its climate and energy goals.

We focus on breakthrough impact and bold independent thought over incremental approaches. To achieve our goals, we need you.

Charitable Family Funds and Donor Advised Funds (DAFs):

Help us achieve impact using your charitable fund by recommending a gift to Project InnerSpace.

Our EIN is 87-3285334


Should you or your philanthropic advisor have questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at

Wire Transfers:

To directly transfer funds to our account using domestic or international currency, please contact us at for account numbers and transfer instructions.


Partnership FAQs

Is Project InnerSpace a Non-Profit Organization?

Yes, we are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Information about our nonprofit status can be found here (link to IRS determination letter). If your employer matches your donations to 501(c)(3) organizations, Project InnerSpace is eligible to receive matching gifts.

What Will My Donation Support?

Project InnerSpace is a small organization focused on exponential impact, so every donation makes a big difference. Donations directly fund our work to accelerate growth of geothermal energy globally. Examples include funding for foundational scientific studies that will inform the Project InnerSpace innovation sprints, grant-making to entities deploying breakthrough ‘first of their kind’ ideas in the geothermal space, and support for the Project InnerSpace Innovation Sprints themselves. 

Who Partners with Project InnerSpace?

Project InnerSpace is honored by the support we receive from individual donors, family foundations, and corporate foundation partners. Our partners range from citizens concerned about climate change to large philanthropic organizations, and we are proud of and appreciate all who contribute to our mission. Project InnerSpace does not accept donations from funding sources opposed to our success in achieving a clean energy future for all, and contributions to Project InnerSpace do not serve as avenue to influence the Project InnerSpace mission.

Partner Privacy:

Project InnerSpace will not share or sell our partner’s information with anyone outside of our organization.

What if I Have a Question:

We would be delighted to engage with you further about becoming a donor to Project InnerSpace. Please reach out to us at

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